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How to get there

You can come by bus, train, car or bike.

We strongly advise you to leave your car at home. 


A dedicated bus will leave from Bucharest - Clăbucet Bus Station (Bd. Ion Mihalache x Calea Grivitei).

The first bus will leave Bucharest towards the festival at 13:00 on Friday (August 11) and at 12:00 on Saturday & Sunday (August 12 & 13). The buses will travel constantly from Bucharest to the festival, every 10 to 20 minutes. 

Check the map for bus station in Bucharest. 


You can take the train from Gara de Nord, Bucharest to Buftea.

From Buftea station to the festival venue there’s a 20 minute walk. 

For tickets and train schedule, check: mersultrenurilor.infofer.ro 

There are no return trains from Buftea to Bucharest after the concerts. The trains are not provided by the festival. 


We strongly advise you to leave your car at home and use our shuttle buses. 

There are no dedicated parking spots at the festival, only street parking. If you decide to come with the car, we recommend you park it far away from the venue. 


Riding your bicycle is a great way to reach Summer Well. From Bucharest, your ride will take less than 40 minutes. You can park it in the designated bike parking area at the festival entrance.

Festival Access

Doors open at:

  • 2 pm - Friday, August 11
  • 12 pm - Saturday, August 12
  • 12 pm - Sunday, August 13

Participants are not allowed to enter the venue with food and drinks.

Pets are not allowed inside the venue.

Only authorised photographers and cameramen are allowed to bring at the festival professional cameras.

Children under 12 years old have free access to the festival if a parent with valid ticket accompanies them. (1 ticket = 1 child).

Read carefully the festival’s Rules & Regulations


If you have a day ticket or full pass ticket, at the entrance you’ll receive a wristband, which will offer you access inside the venue on August 11, 12, 13.

Take care of it and DO NOT REMOVE IT!

If you lose or damage your wristband you have to get another ticket to enter the festival. Read carefully the festival’s Rules & Regulations


Available for full passes ONLY (normal and VIP). Avoid the queues at the festival entrance. Day tickets and bundle tickets wristbands can only be swapped at the festival entrance. You can ONLY pick up your wristband from Orange Shops and ING points, the wristband will be placed on your hand.

  • Orange Shop Orhideea & Orange Shop Băneasa Shopping City

12:00 – 20:00 - Monday (August 7) – Friday (August 11)

  • Orange Shop Victoriei

12:00 – 19:30 - Monday (August 7) – Friday (August 11)

  • ING Parklake Mall & ING Promenada Mall

12:00 – 20:00 - Monday (August 7) – Friday (August 11)

  • Tazz Mobile App (You can order up to 2 wrsitbands)

10:00-18:00- Monday(August 7)-Friday (August 11)

Festival Payment

You can only pay with the festival wristband inside the festival. 

You can top it up online or at the top-up point inside the festival. 

We strongly recommend you top-up online.

On the back of the card attached to your wristband there’s a PIN and a wristband number. With the PIN and the wristband number you can:

  • add money online on your festival wristband
  • ask for a refund online (you cannot ask for a refund online without the PIN)

Register your wristband on summerwell.ro/topup 



You can ask for a refund:

  • online on summerwell.ro/topup starting August 16, 10:00, until August 20, 23:59
  • at the festival, during the opening hours (until 2 am)

Online refund is not available if you don't register your wristband on summerwell.ro/topup

The minimum amount on the wristband in order to request refund online is 20 lei. You can withdraw smaller amounts from the top-up points inside the festival. 

Online refunds made to Romanian bank accounts (IBANs starting with RO) are free of charge. Online refunds made to foreign accounts are charged with 15/Euros per transaction to cover the bank fees. 

First Aid

If you seek out emergency assistance or lose your medication during the festival, we have first aid tents on hand where you can receive immediate medical support in a medical emergency.

Mobile App

Our mobile app has all the information you need:

  • hourly schedule
  • transportation info
  • top-up section
  • food & drinks line-up
  • map
  • experience aka entertainment options

Make sure you turn on notifications to get the latest updates. 

Download the app for Android. 

Download the app for iOS.

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